Old Town's Favorite Italian Since 1989

Dino Lubbat, Chef-Owner of Dinotto Ristorante, can walk into a restaurant and read it in an instant, instinctively knowing what’s right or wrong in the room. It is this eye for detail that characterizes everything he does: from managing two restaurants at the same time -- to working with vendors and purveyors to get the best produce and ingredients available -- to cooking alongside his staff each night, perfecting every dish that leaves his kitchen.

With the opening of Dinotto Ristorante in late 2001, Chef Dino was determined to replicate the charm, great service and food that patrons came to expect for over 13 years at his first restaurant – Trattoria Dinotto which he opened in 1989. His quest for culinary perfection is not limited to Chicago; in fact, it takes Chef Dino to Italy every year where he gets inspired for nuances to Italian cooking and service. In recent years, Chef Dino has turned his Italy menu-research trips into group tours open to loyal customers.

Chef Dino began his culinary education learning the basics of cooking from various restaurants and clubs. He has held assorted management positions from working at The Whitehall Hotel’s Private Dining Room to The 21 Hotel (a Kempinski Group property), with each venture honing his skills and gaining a reputation of wonderful cuisine with attention to detail and execution.

His attention to detail and instinctive abilities in the kitchen have been met with rave reviews. Chef Dino has been invited numerous times to cook on area television news shows as well as conduct classes in the art of Italian cooking at Treasure Island, Whole Foods and Bloomingdale’s. Chef Dino has been featured in many publications over the years, most recently profiled in Stanislaus “La Trattoria” publication, Gourmet Magazine, Sante’, and Zagat.

Dinotto Ristorante is growing in popularity among late-night diners, al fresco diners and for its long-standing reputation for great food and good value. Dinotto Ristorante’s beautifully appointed outdoor patio was recently featured in a Fox News Chicago story.

Despite all the recognition, what remains most important is the simply quality of good food and the interaction of his staff. Chef Dino has assembled talented and loyal staff in all aspects of the operation. Many have been with Chef Dino from the beginning. The relationship with the food and staff creates an atmosphere which translates to a wonderful dining experience for the guest.

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